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Catering Menu


Add a Side for 2.00/Person
Add an Appetizer starting at 2.50/Person

Menu A

Priced Per Person

Basic Grazing • 1 Appetizer • 2 Entrées • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks


Menu C

Priced Per Person

2 Entrées • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks


BBQ Menu A

Priced Per Person

Basic Grazing • 1 Appetizer • 2 Entrées • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks


BBQ Menu C

Priced Per Person

2 Entrées • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks


Menu B

Priced Per Person

Basic Grazing • 2 Entrées • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks


Menu D

Priced Per Person

1 Entrée • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks


BBQ Menu B

Priced Per Person

Basic Grazing • 2 Entrées • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks


BBQ Menu D

Priced Per Person

1 Entrée • 2 Sides • Bread • 2 Drinks



Tier 1

“Hot Damn” Jalapeno Spread
Homemade Pimento Cheese Spread
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Queso, Yellow or White
Homemade Pepper Jelly over Cream Cheese
Sweet Yogurt Dip
Baked Brie with Homemade Chutney
Fresh Hummus
Antipasto Dip

Tier 3

(+1.00 per person)

Sliders, Assorted Meats
Chicken Wings
Chicken Tenders with Dipping Sauce
Crab Cake Bites
Antipasto Skewers
Shrimp Cocktail Shooters
Steak Kabobs with Creamy Horseradish
Pineapple Chicken Kabobs

Tier 2

(+.50¢ per person)

Pinwheels, Assorted Flavors
Deviled Eggs, Assorted Flavors
Meatballs, Assorted Flavors
Mini Quiche, Assorted flavors
Pimento Cheese Crostini with Bacon Crumbles
Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Drizzle
Stuffed Mushrooms


Tier 1

Bourbon Honey Ham
Shepherd’s Pie
Chicken Breast, Marinated
Hawaiian Chicken
Smothered Chicken
Chicken Broccoli Rice
Honeysuckle Bowl
Pork Loin, Marinated
Shrimp & Grits
Baked Ziti

Tier 3

(+2.00 per person)

Marinated Steak Medallions
Beef Roast, Carving Station
Mahi Mahi

Tier 2

(+1.00 per person)

Beef Tips with Mushrooms
Southern Fried Chicken
Beef Kabobs
Chicken Kabobs
Shrimp Kabobs
Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

BBQ Entrees

50 person minimum

Tier 1

Pulled Pork
Sliced Pork
Smoked Chicken

Tier 3

(+3.00 per person)

St Louis Style Ribs

Tier 2

(+1.00 per person)

Smoked Turkey
Tri Tip

Starch/Salad & Veggies


Mashed Potatoes | Fried Potatoes | Cheddar Grits |Mac & Cheese | Mashed Sweet Potatoes | Sweet Potato Hash | Baked Beans | Pinto Beans | Caesar Salad | Mixed Greens with Veggies | Fresh Fruit Salad | Macaroni Salad | Pasta Salad | Cole Slaw


Candied Carrots | Green Beans | Greens w/Cracklins | Black Eyed Peas | Green Limas | Northern Beans | Sauteed Veggies | Corn-on-the-Cob | Corn, fiesta-style | Fried Apples | Steamed Cabbage | Sweet Peas



Inquire about pricing and options:

Taco Bar | Mac & Cheese Bar | Potato Bar |Grit Bar | Slider Sandwich Station |Carving Station | Grazing Table | Salad Bar | Coffee & Hot Cocoa Bar | Infused Water Stations

Lunch Boxes & Platters

Lunch Boxes starting at 8.99/person
25 person minimum

Includes: deli sandwich or wrap with side, utensils and condiments.

Assorted Wrap Platter

Starting at 5.00/person

Large Fresh Salad Bowls

Starting at 4.00/person

Assorted Deli Sandwich Platter

Starting at 5.00/person

Plastic Package

Plastic Package

High end plastic plates for appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Plastic beverage cups.
Upscale plastic forks and knives neatly rolled in “linen like” paper napkins for dinner. Additional dessert and appetizers utensils provided as needed.


Grazing Tables

Basic Grazing Tables include a large variety of fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables with homemade ranch dip, and assorted cheeses with crackers.

Any number of our homemade dips and appetizers can be added to expand your grazing options to suit your needs.

Please inquire about custom options to match your grazing with your event theme.
We can also quote custom guest counts if needed.

Pricing starts as follows:


(Feeds 2-10)

Starting at 25.00

*pick up only


(Feeds up to 50)

Starting at 550.00


(Feeds up to 25)

Starting at 275.00


(Feeds up to 100)

Starting at 1100.00

Full Catered Service is included in the estimated price of your customized menu, which includes:

1) Chafers, baskets, food displays, and serving utensils
2) Staff, as needed based on event size
3) Setup, maintenance, and breakdown of the buffet
4) Maintain and clear tables for you and your guests during the meal
5) Clean up and pack up any leftovers for you to take home.

If there is something you’re looking for here but do not see, please don’t hesitate to
ask! We love making new things!

*Please note additional 7% sales tax and 20% gratuity added to all quoted prices.